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3. Node descriptions > 3.4. PositionInterpolator node - Pg. 210

210 C H A P T E R 7 Event Animation and Interpolation 3.4. PositionInterpolator node The PositionInterpolator node generates a 3-vector value (SFVec3f) over time. PositionInterpolator is typically driven using a TimeSensor's fraction output sent as a set_fration input event, and then computing output fraction-changed events from the piecewise-linear key and keyValue function. The generated output value is linearly interpolated by the node, first by determining the fractional difference between the nearest elements in the key array and then calculating the same amount between the corresponding elements in the keyValue array. The full functionality of the PositionInterpolator node is in the Interchange profile. The node has the fields defined in Table 7.12. Node syntax is shown in Table 7.13. The keyValue field for the PositionInterpolator node is an array of 3-vector values. It is of type MFVec3f. There are exactly as many 3-tuple values in the keyValue array as there are scalar values in the key array. 3.4.1. key and keyValue The keyField is an MFFloat array of input bounds. The keyValue field is a correspon- ding MFVec3f array of 3-tuple output values.