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3. Node descriptions > 3.6. NormalInterpolator node - Pg. 214

214 C H A P T E R 7 Event Animation and Interpolation 3.5.1. key and keyValue The key field is an MFFloat array of input bounds; and the keyValue field is a corresponding MFRotation array of 4-tuple output values. 3.5.2. Hints and warnings Ensure that value_changed output event is only connected via a ROUTE to a target field of type SFRotation. 3.6. NormalInterpolator node Normals are the perpendiculars for each polygon or vertex in a geometry node. These values are used when calculating how light rays are reflected from the surface of a shape. Normals usually are not included with X3D coordinate geometry, instead being calculated by the browser when a scene is first loaded. Nevertheless normals can be pre- calculated and included in the scene, either for faster loading or for more precise shading. NormalInterpolator is similar to CoordinateInterpolator in that it includes multiple copies of a full set of normal vectors. With each fractional step, the node computes a pairwise interpolation between each corresponding normal pair in the keyValue array. This technique is sometimes used to produce special shading effects. The NormalInterpolator node is in the Interactive profile. The node has the fields defined in Table 7.16. Node syntax is shown in Table 7.17. The Normal node is described in Chapter 13, Geometry Nodes, Part 4.