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Acknowledgments - Pg. xvii

Acknowledgments We are deeply indebted to a large number of people who have contributed to the creation of this book. Timothy Pinkston at USC and Li-Shiuan Peh at Princeton were the first brave souls (other than the authors) to teach courses using drafts of this text. Their comments have greatly improved the quality of the finished book. Mitchell Gusat, Mark Hill, Li-Shiuan Peh, Timothy Pinkston, and Craig Stunkel carefully reviewed drafts of this manuscript and provided invaluable comments that led to numerous improvements. Many people (mostly designers of the original networks) contributed informa- tion to the case studies and verfied their accuracy. Randy Rettberg provided informa- tion on the BBN Butterfly and Monarch. Charles Leiserson and Bradley Kuszmaul filled in the details of the Thinking Machines CM-5 network. Craig Stunkel and Bu- lent Abali provided information on the IBM SP1 and SP2. Information on the Alpha 21364 was provided by Shubu Mukherjee. Steve Scott provided information on the Cray T3E. Greg Thorson provided the pictures of the T3E. Much of the development of this material has been influenced by the students