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CASE 1: Changing Products Means Changing... > Creating Feedback Mechanisms - Pg. 12

12 CASE 1 Changing Products Means Changing Behaviors customers.) As he expected, the engineers explained, "No, since the product is typically used to develop business systems, we don't really have an alpha or beta program." Jim walked away, wondering what he should do next. Questions 5. Should Jim try to run a usability test? 6. What other alternatives exist? What else could he do? Creating Feedback Mechanisms The next day Jim came up with an idea and discussed it with Michael, the manager in charge of the GUI engineers. Jim suggested, "Why not get the field personnel (sales and professional services) to test the new release? They could help the engineers test the UI so the engineers could spend more time fixing bugs. If the new design is really as good as the engineers think, then