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Introducing the Idea of Personas > Introducing the Idea of Personas - Pg. 210

210 CASE 11 A Case Study in Personas in business magazines had raised concerns that documents sent online could easily be intercepted or "sniffed" by hackers. The founders of ClickDox had a very specific plan: within 2 years they wanted to sell the business to a major courier such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL, who would by then be feeling the negative impact on their business of peo- ple's changing behaviors. ClickDox was certain that in the Internet age people would no longer ship documents across the country on a truck or an airplane but would do so with the click of a button--and they'd be willing to pay for a private secure service that would do this. Joanne March was a Director in ClickDox's marketing group. She reported to Mike Rugatino. Mike and Joanne had worked together for several years previously, and when he joined ClickDox it didn't take long before he'd phoned Joanne with an offer she couldn't refuse. "My time is spent working on overall strategy with senior executives. I need someone I can trust to oversee our product and marketing tactics. That's why I'm calling you." Joanne accepted the offer happily. Joanne chuckled again as Mike rubbed his forehead. On the other side of the glass, the moderator was wrapping up the last of eight focus groups they'd conducted across the country. Today's sessions had echoed much of what she'd heard in the past month. ClickDox's business idea seemed on the mark: Security was a real concern for people, and they seemed willing to pay for a service that lets them send and receive documents through a highly secure website. That evening, in a taxi en route to the airport, Mike's mobile phone rang. "It's Jason," he told Joanne after glancing at the caller identification. Jason was a founding partner at ClickDox. He called to inform Mike that he'd hired a consulting company named Blade Technology to advise them on the network infrastructure behind ClickDox's service. From the beginning, the ClickDox founders envisioned a private network of high- speed pipelines and secure data centers across the United States, eventually reaching into Europe and Asia. But Mike knew that ClickDox needed more than technology to succeed. He'd seen enough projects fail to realize that the best technology means nothing if people don't want to use it. Mike knew it was up to him and Joanne to make sure the market wanted their service. Joanne would be in charge of overseeing the design of Click- Dox's website, where customers would upload and download their deliveries, but she needed a team of design experts to pull it off. That meant hiring a consultant, just as Jason had done. And Mike knew who to choose: an agency named Digital Rockit with a team specializing in web design and usability.