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CASE 18: Designing for a Worldwide Product > Where Did We Go Wrong? - Pg. 400

400 CASE 18 Designing for a Worldwide Product Where Did We Go Wrong? Jean-Marc, the usability design manager, had been invited to the emergency meeting because the focus of the customer complaints was on the interface, usability, and the mounting costs of the customer's help desks. Jean-Marc had already run usability tests on the product to gather baseline performance data and had returned with a long list of improvements. However, most of the budget had been consigned to the development of the functionality in the site generation tool; therefore the improvements were tabled until prioritized by management. Jean-Marc was familiar with the feedback coming in from the customers and looked forward to providing his perspective of the history and the best way to move forward. Caroline started the meeting. "I want to first give you some background to convey the urgency of this problem. In the past quarter we have lost three major customers who in combination were bringing around 15,000 reserva- tions per month. We have heard that two other customers have sent out requests for proposals to other providers--it is clear that they are considering