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Decline of a Strong Brand > Decline of a Strong Brand - Pg. 474

474 CASE 21 Aikot Corporation: A Case Study in Qualitative/Quantitative Remote Evaluation assuming that our product offering is better or as good as our competitors, there is a possibility that our website might actually be contributing to the decline in market share." "Yes!" said Anthony. "A website is almost never `neutral'--it either helps or hurts a business. You need to find out what's going on with the site and have a better understanding of visitors' experience. Right now, it sounds to me like you have no idea what impact your website is having on your company." Anthony continued, "Members of our web team have compensation incentives for hitting certain success and satisfaction targets we have identified for the site. Do you have anyone on your web team responsible for the visitor experience on the sites? Have you established a set of performance metrics that can be tracked over time?" "We don't have a specific person on the team responsible for the visitor experience. The web teams consist of a manager who is responsible for exe- cuting and managing the day-to-day details of hosting the website, product managers, a website manager, a web content manager, and a third-party design agency," responded Mark. "We also don't have specific goals identified for the site other than to have a corporate online presence." "You need to have people on your team who understand the site visitors and the impact the site is having on your brand. You also need to identify the goals and objectives of the site and establish targets for measuring the visitor experience," said Anthony. The course was clear to Mark: Aikot needed to review and renew their overall marketing plan, establish goals for the site, hire team members who can manage the visitor experience, and understand the experience on the websites from a visitor's point of view. Questions 1. What types of questions should Mark ask himself about his website to give him clues about how it is affecting sales? 2. What methods of customer feedback does Aikot use today, and why are they not enough? 3. What about the company structure, team makeup, and process contributed to the lack of knowledge about the influence of the website on the company's bottom line? 4. What should Mark do now that he understands the source of the problem may be the website?