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Further Reading > Further Reading - Pg. 98

98 CASE 4 Usability Step by Step: Small Steps to a More Successful Site Nielsen, J. (December 20, 1999). Designing web usability: the practice of simplicity. 1st, edition, Peachpit Press. Rubin, J. (February 1, 2001). Handbook of usability testing: how to plan, design, and conduct effective tests. John Wiley & Sons. The Philosophy of Usability: Usability Concepts and Principles Krug, S. Don't make me think: a commonsense approach to web usability. New Riders Press; 2nd edition August 18, 2005. Useful Websites Colorblind Web Page Filter,,, your guide for developing usable and useful websites, Vischeck: simulate colorblind vision, W3C World Wide Web Consortium, Zen Garden,