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Chapter 15. Finding our way in(to) the future > 15.2 To the future - Pg. 389

15.2 TO THE FUTURE But let's try substituting the "into" with each of its prepositional components. We can talk about finding our way to the future or in the future. Finding our way "to the future" implies a sense of direction. We act today according to assumptions we make about tomorrow. If we're optimistic, we buy stocks or even a lottery ticket. If we're pessimistic, maybe we buy bonds or consider joining a survivalist community somewhere in a remote part of Montana. Finding our way "in the future" also has some connotations. The phrase sometimes carries a sense of resolution or purpose. "In the future, I'll exercise one hour more every week" or "Next time, I won't react so quickly." This chapter takes a long look back at the journey we've made through this book and looks forward at the journey ahead, both for PIM as a field of study and for each of us in our indi- vidual practices of PIM. The chapter has two major sections: To the future looks at the future as a direction to maintain as we're tacking back and forth in our sea of personal information. Do we know where we're heading? Many pre- dictions about the future are certain to be completely, hilariously off course. 3 But, as the writers of horoscopes know, some predictions are a sure thing. In the next few days, we are each certain to experience moments of happiness, sadness, frivolity, and frustra- tion. To do so is to be human. Similarly, we are certain to experience basic challenges