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11.5 Top Common Commands > 11.5 Top Common Commands - Pg. 450

450 CHAPTER 11 EZchip Programming 11.5.1 Resource Initialization Initialization commands are "executed" by the host rather than the TOP engines; they indicate the initial values given to various registers prior to executing the program in the instruction memory. There are several resource initialization commands in each of the TOP engines, but there is one common command for all TOP engines: LDREG MREG[n], value; Load the Mask register MREG[n] (used for ALU operations) with a value. Example: LDREG MREG[0], 0x0F; Description: Move 0x0F value to the first mask register, MREG[0]. 11.5.2 Move Commands Move commands copy data (bits, bytes, and words) from various sources to various destinations. The following commands are used in almost identical ways by the TOP engines. There are some differences in naming, usage, and optional operands that are supported by some TOP engines and not others, but it does not change