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Chapter 14. Resolving > Appendix B: Topresolve Addressing Modes - Pg. 544

544 APPENDIX B TOPRESOLVE ADDRESSING MODES Table B14.1 provides the numbers, names, and syntaxes of the addressing modes that are relevant to the TOPresolve. Devices in this table refer to registers or struc- tures; for example UREG, SREG. The numbers in the first column are used in this chapter to indicate the addressing modes supported by operands. Bold typeface indicates required text. Italic typeface indicates text that must be replaced with the appropriate value. Table B14.1 TOPresolve Addressing Modes No. 1 Name Immediate Syntax 123 or 0x12 or "abcd" or $ or label Description 123 decimal number 0x12 hexadecimal number "abcd" 4 bytes 0x61626364 $ - program counter (PC) label program label For the device, see the registers listed in Section 14.2. Number index of the register in the device array number1 index of the register in the device array number2 byte number in this register Number2 bit number in this register 2 Register device [number] 3 Register (byte-specific) device [number1].byte [number2] 4 Register (bit-specific) Register (four-bit) Indirect Base-index device [number1].bit [number2] 5 device [number1].bits [n1,n2,n3,n4] n1..n4 ­ specific bits in this register 6 7 device [IND_REG] offset (base) or offset (base) Base­base registers. Offset--immediate or some register 9 Memory (byte-specific) Memory (bit-specific) Memory (four-bit) hreg [HBS].byte[num2] 10 hreg [HBS].bit[num2] 11 hreg [HBS].bits [n1,n2,n3,n4]