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About The Authors - Pg. 29

xxviii About The Authors Jon Jagger runs a software consultancy, JSL (, in the United Kingdom. Jon is a consultant, developer, and a trainer with wide experience of C# (as well as C++, Java, C, OO, and Patterns). He was the Principal UK Expert for the ISO Ballot Meeting on the First Edition of the C# Standard and took over convenorship of the Ecma TC39 TG2 (C#) working on the Sec- ond Edition shortly afterwards. Jon is also a member of TG3 (CLI). He likes to while away his spare time fishing on a riverbank. Dr. Nigel Perry is a computer scientist from New Zealand with particular research interests in programming languages, recently including expanding the range of languages that can be sup- ported on the CLI. Nigel has acted in an advisory role with Microsoft's CLR team for a number of years. A member of the Ecma TC39 TG2 (C#) and TG3 (CLI) for four years, he took over the convenorship of TG2 (C#) in late 2004. Nigel likes to use a cycle for transport and, when he has time, for recreation. He combines his professional expertise and recreational interest through involvement in road safety and cycle advocacy. Dr. Peter Sestoft is a professor at the IT University of Copenhagen and the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark, and a member of the Ecma TC39 TG2 (C#) and TG3 (CLI). His research interests include programming languages and their implementation. He has recently been working on an advanced collection library called C5 for C#. Peter is an author of a number of books, including C# Precisely at the MIT Press (2004, revised 2006).