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Chapter 6: Acronyms and abbreviations - Pg. 44

11 6 Acronyms and abbreviations This clause is informative. The following acronyms and abbreviations are used throughout this International Standard: BCL -- Base Class Library, which provides types to represent the built-in data types of the CLI, simple file access, custom attributes, security attributes, string manipulation, formatting, streams, and collections. CLI -- Common Language Infrastructure CLS -- Common Language Specification IEC -- the International Electrotechnical Commission IEEE -- the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ISO -- the International Organization for Standardization The name C# is pronounced "C Sharp". The name C# is written as the (U+0023). LATIN CAPITAL LETTER C (U+0043) followed by the NUMBER SIGN # ASCII Rules! Note that despite being pronounced "C Sharp," and despite C# supporting Unicode, the name is not written using the MUSIC SHARP SIGN (U+266F), that is, as C. Further, the second character is not superscripted, as in C # or C . The C# name