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Part I: Heuristic Search Primer > Chapter 1. Introduction - Pg. 3

CHAPTER Introduction 1 In this book, we study the theory and the applications of heuristic search algorithms. The general model is the guided exploration in a space of states. After providing some mathematical and notational background and motivating the impact of search algorithms by reflecting several success stories, we introduce different state space formalisms. Next we provide examples of single-agent puzzles such as the (n 2 - 1)-Puzzle and extensions to it, the Rubik's Cube, as well as Sokoban problems. Furthermore, the practically important application areas of Route Planning and Multiple Sequence Alignment are introduced. The former is fundamen- tal to vehicle navigation and the latter is fundamental to computational biology. In the TSP we consider the computation of round trips. For each of the domains, we introduce heuristic evaluation functions as a means to accelerate the search. We motivate them graphically and formalize them. We define proper- ties of heuristics, such as consistency and admissibility, and how they are related. Moreover, we define the general descriptive schemes of production systems, Markov decision process problems, and action