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Subject index - Pg. 493

Subject index 3D reconstruction, 176 absolute central moment, see Focus measures Abstraction levels, 159­160 Acoustic microscope system, 385 Acquisition, 367­368, 374 adaptive rule, see Image fusion rules Additive Wavelet to the Luminance component (AWL), 224 Affine transform, 3 AGC, see Automatic Gain Control agent based fusion, see Image fusion AIRSAR, 375, 390 Anisotropic gain function, 303 ANN, 369­373, 374, 385­388, see also Artificial Neural Networks arbitrary, see Fusion structure arithmetic fusion, see Image fusion Artificial Neural Networks, 368, see also ANN atmospheric scattering, see Blurring Bergholm, see Edge detection bidirectional optimal EMD, see Empirical mode decomposition binomial, see Filter Bi-Scale fusion, see Image fusion Black box model, 373 blur, see Defocus Blurring, 4, see also Defocus atmospheric scattering, 5 camera blurring, 4 motion blurring, 5 uniform 2-d blurring, 5 uniform out-of-focus blurring, 4 camera blurring, see Blurring Canny, see Edge detection Cauchy, see Distributions Central Limit Theorem, 90, 257 CBD, see Context-Based Decision (CBD)