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Chapter 4: Theory of Fiber Bragg Grating... > 4.7. Radiation Mode Couplers - Pg. 152

152 ­2.5E-04 ­1.5E-04 ­5.0E-05 0 ­10000 ­20000 k L = 2 Theory of Fiber Bragg Gratings 5.0E-05 1.5E -04 2.5E -04 Normalized delay (ps/m) k L = 8 ­30000 ­40000 Normalized detuning, (l b -l) /l b Figure 4.13 The normalized delay of a uniform period grating as a function of normalized de- tuning. For the larger coupling constant, the group delay in the center of the band is constant, while at the edges it increases rapidly, but is confined to a small spectrum. 4.7 RADIATION MODE COUPLERS 4.7.1 Counterpropagating Radiation Mode Coupler: The Side-Tap Grating