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Chapter 9: Measurement and Characterization of Gratings - Pg. 405

Chapter 9 Measurement and Characterization of Gratings The transfer characteristics of a grating are of primary importance for a number of applications. For example, in high-bit-rate applications, it is necessary to know if the grating will impart additional dispersion and, if so, how much. Gratings can be used in a vast number of demanding applications, such as sens- ing in harsh environments, or in undersea optical fiber transmission that requires components to survive the 25-year design lifespan of the system. For long-term use, it is essential to know whether or not the grating will maintain its designed characteristics over the lifetime. It is also important to know, as it is for optical fibers, the integrity of its mechanical strength for the same rea- sons. Thus, reliability is a big issue. The transmission characteristics of certain gratings may be affected by the out-gassing and annealing processes more