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Chapter 10. Antennas, Diversity, and Lin... > 10.2 Antenna System - Pg. 287

CHAPTER 10 Antennas, Diversity, and Link Analysis 10.1 Introduction The antenna system used for any radio communication platform is one of the critical and least understood parts of the system. The antenna system is the interface between the radio system and the external environment. Wireless communication systems require antennas at the transmitter and receiver to operate properly. The design and deployment of antennas can make or break a wireless system, and many poorly performing systems can be traced to improperly installed or placed antennas. The antenna system can consist of a single antenna at the base station and one at the mobile station. Primarily the antenna is employed by the base station and the mobile for establishing and maintaining the communication link. There are many types of antennas available, all of which perform specific functions