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Chapter 9 Text Entry by Gaze: Utilizing ... > ACKNOWLEDGMENTS - Pg. 185

References 185 (Cleveland, 1994), QuickGlance by EyeTech Digital Systems (Rasmusson et al., 1999), and VISIOBOARD by MetroVision (Charlier et al., 1997). ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This work was supported by the COGAIN Network of Excellence on Communication by Gaze Interaction. REFERENCES Aoki, H., Hansen, J. P., & Itoh, K. (2006). Towards remote evaluation of gaze typing systems. Proceedings of COGAIN 2006 (pp.96­103). Available at results/reports/COGAIN-D3.1.pdf. Bates, R., & Istance, H. O. (2003). Why are eye mice unpopular? A detailed comparison