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CHAPTER 10 The New Business Model > The Possible Customizations - Pg. 168

168 CHAPTER 10 The New Business Model streaming audio/video, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), video conferencing, virtual private networks and supply chain management--to the Internet." Internap does so by connecting to multiple tier-1 NSPs, and picking the best-performing Internet path via one of these NSPs to deliver its customer's Internet traffic. Internap sells its bandwidth at a higher price than other NSPs'. QoS is priced into the Internet service and is not sold separately. Some people may ask a question from a completely different angle. They may argue that today, most of the incumbent NSPs are already using block bandwidth pricing so "what is new in this proposal?" To answer that question, we would like to point out that this book is not concerned with whether we have an innova- tive idea. We are concerned with arguing that selling QoS explicitly and separately from the network services themselves is not productive, and block bandwidth pricing with QoS priced in is a better alternative. If people readily accept that, it is great. But we believe that there are some NSPs who are considering selling CoS/prioritization.Therefore, advocating our point has merit.