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Chapter 6. Performance and Scalability > 6.3 Changing and Querying the State - Pg. 145

SECTION 6.3 CHANGING AND QUERYING THE STATE 145 T a b l e 6.4: Portability checklist. Check item Do you use writable static data? Do you handle display layout changes? Do you depend on pixmap surface support? Do you use EGL from another thread than main? Do you specify surface type when asking for a config? Do you require exact number of samples for multi-sampling? OK Answer No Yes No No Yes No Applicability SOME (OS) SOME (OS) SOME SOME MOST SOME 6.3 CHANGING AND QUERYING THE STATE Modern rendering pipelines are one-way streets: data keeps flowing in, it gets buffered, number-crunching occurs, and eventually some pixels come out. State changes and dynamic state queries are operations that disturb this flow. In the worst case a client-server roundtrip is required. For example, if the application wants to read back the contents of the color buffer, the application (the "client") has to stall until the graphics hardware