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7.8 Future Trends > 7.8 Future Trends - Pg. 264

264 Collect Days of the Week in Order 7 Interactive Voice Response Interfaces Prompt the user by reading the days, with each day followed by a number corresponding to the day's position in the week. Monday is day 1 and Sunday is day 7. If "today" is a likely response, assign it to the pound key and offer it as the first option; otherwise, start with Monday. "For today, press pound. For Monday, press 1. For Tuesday, press 2." Be Flexible in Collecting Times F F F The system should accept input in military time (24-hour clock) format. (However, the user should not be asked to enter military time.) Ask for hours and minutes, followed by 1 for A . M . or 2 for P . M . If the user leaves out the A . M ./ P . M . indicator, prompt the user for it again while confirming the hours/minutes part of the entry. For example, if the user entered "2, 3, 0" corresponding to 2:30, prompt the user with "For 2:30 A . M ., press 1. For 2:30 P . M ., press 2. For a different time, press star." The 0 (zero) key can still provide assistance, but only if it is the first and only digit entered after the prompt for the time entry. After a time-out, the user is either routed to a live agent or receives some other form of assistance. F