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Chapter 12: Executing a Business Model > Business Activity Monitoring - Pg. 372

372 CHAPTER 12 Executing a Business Model BUSINESS ACTIVITY MONITORING For monitoring the expense reimbursement process we harvested events from the BPMS. The BPMS provides the events Expense Submission, Expense Approval, Expense Rejection, and Expense Payment. But the fifth type of event--Expense Payment--cannot come from the BPMS. The payments are actually made by a third-party payment service and the BPMS is not aware when those payments are made. We want to monitor the whole process--end to end-- so we must find a way to generate events from the payment service. This situation is common. Although a BPMS attempts to manage a process from end to end, some parts of the process are either supported by or entirely performed by third-party applications that the BPMS does not control. Most BPMS include some software for integrating to freestanding applications, for generating events so that we can notice when a job is performed outside the control of a BPMS. This software is called a business activity monitoring system, often abbre- viated as BAM. BAM notices when an existing system does something, creates an event when that something occurs, and ties events from multiple systems to show a single