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Chapter 3: Business Motivation Models > The BMM Standard - Pg. 68

68 CHAPTER 3 Business Motivation Models There is a wrinkle in what the causality links mean. If actuator A is linked via a causes1 relationship to actuator B, that means that increases in A lead to increases in B if everything else is equal, and decreases in A lead to decreases in B if everything else is equal. For actuators with multiple incoming causality, everything else is not equal. The combination of the causal links can result in complex dynamics. There are several different ways the Figure 3.20 dynamics can play out. One possibility is that the neighborhood becomes more popular until the high rents halt the increase in popularity. Another possibility is that the neighborhood becomes more popular for restaurants, leading to some big rent increases, which in turn lead to many established restaurants departing, the neighborhood becoming a much less desired destination, and more restaurants leaving, finally resulting in no restaurants at all. Another possibility is that the rent negative cau- sality is not enough to diminish the enthusiasm for the neighborhood, and it becomes increasingly popular until other dynamics take over (e.g., the restau- rant concentration leads disgruntled residents to complain to city authorities about the noise and traffic). And there are other possibilities; many outcomes exist.