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Subject Index - Pg. 775

Subject Index Note: Page numbers followed by f indicates a figure and t indicates a table. 10Base5 Ethernet, 714, 716t 10BaseT Ethernet, 715, 715f, 716t, 723 100BaseT Ethernet, 715, 716t, 723 1000BaseT Ethernet, 715, 716t false, 73, 303 forensic examination, 214 investigation scaffolding, 197­198 investigative process model, 193f security breach investigation, 221 ACDSee, 160, 491, 491f Acknowledgment (ACK) bit, 747 ACLs, see Access Control Lists (ACLs) ACPO Guide, see The Good Practice Guide for Computer Based Evidence (ACPO Guide) Active state data, example, 607t Actus reus definition, 125 courtroom basics, 56­68 digital evidence authentication, 59­61 digital evidence handling, 60 digital evidence reliability, 61­64 hearsay, 64­66 IM case, 61 scientific evidence, 74 search warrant example, 58, 59 search warrants, 57­59 search warrant tips, 58 Adroit tool, 446 ADS, see Alternate data stream (ADS) Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) A AAFS, see American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) Abuse phase, computer intrusions, 372, 373t Access Control Lists (ACLs), 519, 545 Access crimes, state cybercrime law, 103­105 Access points (APs)