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13.3 Modeling NISC Architectures and Sys... > 13.3.4 Basic Components - Pg. 341

13.3 Modeling NISC Architectures and Systems 341 Control connections in NiscArchitecture Y are defined between the cw port and the control ports of components in CY. cwPort and s2 0 (p1, p2, s1, e1, s2, e2) L x , if p2 CP Y , then p1 1. and e2 (e1 s1) p2 13.3.3 GNR Syntax GNR uses XML language [9] to describe PE models. The GNR syntax is defined in XML Schema [10] to enforce syntax and semantics checking on the given input model. The Schema can also be used for code completion, which further increases the productivity of the designers. Fig. 13.10 shows the partial block diagram of the Schema for modeling a custom PE (NiscArchitecture). The PE has several child tags including: <Ports>, <Components>, <Connections>, <CwFields>, <Compiler- aspect>, <Simulation-aspect>, and <Synthesis-aspect>, representing P Y , C Y , L Y , ORDER Y ,CA Y ,MA Y ,and NA Y ,respectively.All components in GNR have a <Params> tag that parameterizes that component. For example, the delay or bit-width of the component can be specified as its parameters. The rest of this section explains different component types in more detail and