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5.2. Placement Techniques > 5.2. Placement Techniques - Pg. 87

5.2 Placement Techniques 87 Additional objectives include area and wirelength (A/W), area and per- formance (A/P), area and temperature (A/T), and area, performance, and temperature (A/P/T). Based on information gathered from evalu- ating MCNC/GSRC benchmarks, A/W achieves the minimum area as compared to the other objectives, decreasing by almost 40% the inter- connect length over a 2-D floorplan of the microarchitecture. A/P increases the IPC by 18% over A/W, while simultaneously increasing the temperature by 19%. The more complex objective A/P/T generates a temperature close to A/W, while the IPC is increased by 14%. In gen- eral, the performance generated by the A/P/T objectives is bounded by the performance provided by the A/T and A/P objectives. In addition, A/P/T achieves higher performance as compared to A/W with similar temperatures [159]. 5.2 PLACEMENT TECHNIQUES Placement algorithms traditionally target minimizing the area of a cir-