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6.1. Thermal Analysis of 3-D ICs > 6.1. Thermal Analysis of 3-D ICs - Pg. 100

100 CHAPTER 6 Thermal Management Techniques developed. Models of different accuracy and computational speed are discussed in Section 6.1. Various techniques introduced at different steps of the IC design flow to alleviate projected thermal problems are also presented. An unorthodox yet potentially useful approach is applied here to discuss these techniques. The discussion is based on the objective used to decrease the temperature gradients within a 3-D system, rather than the specific design stage at which each technique is applied. Hence, those thermal strategies that aim to improve the thermal profile of a 3-D circuit without requiring any redundant inter- connect resources for thermal management are presented in Section 6.2. Methodologies that are an integral part of a more aggressive thermal policy that utilize thermal vias, sacrificing other design objective(s), are outlined in Section 6.3. A synopsis of the primary points presented throughout this chapter is provided in Section 6.4. 6.1 THERMAL ANALYSIS OF 3-D ICs