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Preface - Pg. xi

Preface The seminal reason for this book is the lack of a unified treatment of the design of three-dimensional integrated circuits despite the significant progress that has recently been achieved in this exciting new technology. Consequently, the intention of this material is to cohesively integrate and present research milestones from different, yet interdependent, aspects of three-dimensional integrated circuit design. The foremost goal of the book is to propose design methodologies for 3-D circuits; methodologies that will effectively exploit the flourishing manufacturing diversity existing in three- dimensional integration. While the focal point is design techniques and methodologies, the material also highlights significant manufacturing strides that complete the research mosaic of three-dimensional integration. Three-dimensional or vertical integration is an exciting path to boost the performance and extend the capabilities of modern integrated circuits. These capabilities are inherent to three-dimensional integrated circuits. The former enhancement is due to the consid-