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Chapter 10. The Strange Case of the Casu... > 10.5 The Rise of Hardcore Casual Gam... - Pg. 156

CHAPTER TEN · THE STRANGE CASE OF THE CASUAL GAMER they bother to read it at all. The best tutorials for casual gamers are ones that lock the game screen until the player performs the necessary action, but players will still get frustrated if they are stuck in a limited tutorial for too long. It is always prefer- able in a casual game to have something simple that requires less explanation than to try for something complex and hope that text will make it clear. The basic point is to remember that these are casual games. Casual game players do not expect to keep of hundreds of minute variables in their minds at once, and they focus most of their play attention on the most prominent game elements. This means that casual games need to bring whatever information they require to convey to that main stage and either deemphasize, compartmentalize or eliminate complex- ity that cannot be displayed there. 10.5 The Rise of Hardcore Casual Games Having given all of these warnings, it is also important to remember that all inter- active systems evolve towards more complexity, and casual games are no excep- tion. Bejeweled, the game that is usually credited with beginning this recent wave of casual games, was released in 2001, so the casual game market has had seven or so years to create a player base. Also, given the try-before-you-buy model that