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Chapter 7. Usability and Playability Exp... > 7.3 How the Evaluation Is Done - Pg. 94

CHAPTER SEVEN · USABILITY AND PLAYABILITY EXPERT EVALUATION 7.2.4 Cover All the Aspects Game usability, gameplay and the issues specific to the platform and game type are all connected to each other. All of these three areas must be addressed in order to make sure that the game reaches its full potential. If one area fails, then it is likely that that the players will not get to enjoy the success of the other areas either. Another reason why the evaluators should pay attention to all of these three aspects is that solving a problem found often requires addressing more than one area of the game. For example, if a task within the game is considered repetitive and boring it may be necessary to change both the user interface and the gameplay in order to fix the problem. 7.3 How the Evaluation Is Done An expert evaluation consists of evaluating the game, analyzing the findings and creating a report and presenting the results to the developers. Next, these phases will be discussed in more detail. 7.3.1 Experts In a typical expert evaluation, two or three evaluators review the game. The reason why it is common to have more than one evaluator is that different evaluators tend to find different problems. Increasing the number of evaluators will increase the proportion of the problems found in the evaluation, without considerably increasing the calendar time needed for the evaluation. Having more than one evaluator will also improve the quality of the report. The different evaluators will bring in differ- ent points of view, and being able to discuss both the problems and the solutions to them will make the work easier for the evaluators. On the other hand, experience has led me to believe that having more than three experts seldom brings any benefits. The number of new problems found does not rise considerably by having more than three evaluators, and the project will become more expensive and challenging to coordinate. It is recommended to only have two or three evaluators if there are no special reasons for having more specialists par- ticipate in the process. More might be wanted, for example, if several people who have special experience or knowledge about the game that you want included in the expert evaluation. 7.3.2 Double Experts It is a common view that the people who evaluate the game and create the report should be experts in both usability and gaming. The double experts have the best understanding of what is important when evaluating the game usability and 94