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Chapter 9. Master Metrics: The Science B... > 9.5 Take-Aways - Pg. 124

CHAPTER NINE · MASTER METRICS : THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE ART OF GAME DESIGN The chart is relevant to this chapter because we as game developers walk in all four quadrants. Notice that the Artist-Scientist row describes inward focused ven- tures--meaning these are people who explore their passion in a very personal way. Think about Pablo Picasso. It would be inconceivable for him to take his art to a focus group for feedback. Conversely, notice that the Designer-Engineer row describes outward focused endeavors--meaning these people explore their passion with users and customers in mind. Although a game designer can technically be in the Artist-Scientist row the fact that we are so reliant on feedback from users to build our games argues the point that game design is an outward focused venture. Thus in nearly all cases-- even for very artistic games-game designers operate in the Designer-Engineer row. This outward focus on players helps validate the idea of using Metacritic informa- tion (as well as the rest of the techniques below) when creating games. 9.5 Take-Aways 1. There are things to learn from the lists above, however it's important to not be a slave Metacritic data. In fact, doing so too literally would violate the first point on the list--"undifferentiated from similar titles." 2. There's a "know the rules so you can break them" effect. Hopefully, the analysis