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Chapter 6: Bridges and layer 2 switches > High-performance transparent bridge a... - Pg. 97

High-performance transparent bridge architecture 97 at some point in time and the entry needs to be erased from the filtering database. Thus, management of the aging timers requires fast operations for timer reset as well as entry deletion. These operations require special data structure designs so that they can be performed efficiently, that is, in constant time independently of the size of the database, and meet the performance requirements of the attached networks. For example, the timing wheel data structure, a data structure used commonly for timer management, helps achieve constant time deletion of several expiring timers. However, it does not enable timer reset in constant time, considering that several timers may have the same time value; a different data structure (e.g., a table) can be employed to provide efficient reset. Thus, the nontrivial problem of achieving several efficient operations requires development of complex combined data struc- tures. An example of this approach is described in detail in the following section. HIGH-PERFORMANCE TRANSPARENT BRIDGE ARCHITECTURE High-Performance Transparent Bridge (HPTB) is an architecture of a transparent bridge targeted to achieve scalability and connectivity of packet networks up to 800 Mbps and cell-based (ATM) networks up to 622 Mbps [9, 53]. This section