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Part 5: Technology-Systems, Data, and Ne... > Book 3: An Introduction to Trading i... - Pg. 249

Book 3: An introduCtion to trAding in the FinAnCiAl MArkets 249 Book 3: An IntroductIon to trAdIng In the FInAncIAl MArkets: technology--systeMs, dAtA, And networks Book 3 focuses on the technologies that serve as infrastructure for the trading markets. In it computer and web applications are grouped under the general term "systems." Here some of the most important types of systems and computer applications are considered both within individual entities and among entities. Next we look at the different types of information consumed and generated in the markets and transported throughout the industry. Finally the book considers supporting and connecting systems and applications that are com- munications networks, which move data and eliminate most of the physical transfer of paper. (See Figure C.2.) Book 3 does not attempt to define technology and how it is created nor the equipment and programming that comprise the technology. Rather it describes how the business processes that are examined in this set are supported by technology.