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Chapter 7: User research throughout the ... > 7.20 United Arab Emirates - Pg. 236

236 CHAPTER 7 User research throughout the world foreign clients, can be difficult. Also, because we lack formal usability labs in Turkey, we almost always hire wedding halls, Internet cafes, or conference rooms in hotels on busy avenues. Using an agency's office as a testing venue is not very common. Usability studies are usually conducted in Istanbul, the industrial and cultural center of Turkey. Apart from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir are preferred cities because they have the next highest populations behind Istanbul. Ankara is the capital city and is quite metropolitan. Izmir is the third largest city. It has a strategic seaport and, conse- quently, is one of the most important city in the Aegean region. Recruiting members of the general population for a centrally located test is fairly easy, but recruiting professionals, such as physicians, can be difficult and they often need high incentives. Respondents are gen- erally very interested in usability tests compared to other research methods because they think that they will truly have an impact on the design of the product being tested. However, in Turkey, the propor- tion of English speakers is low compared to that of other countries, so it is best for user research studies to be conducted in Turkish. In general, recruitment should not be difficult throughout most of the year, depending on the user profile, of course. However, during pub- lic holidays, it is unlikely that you will be able to find participants. The dates of religious holidays differ each year because the Islamic calendar used in Turkey is based on the lunar system. The major holi- days in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan and Eid, usually last for a week, and it is very difficult to recruit participants during these times. 7.20 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Written by Ali al-Azzawi The marketing industry is mature and sophisticated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), albeit traditional in some areas, and finding agencies to help with this kind of effort is easy. However, "product testing" in the context of usability testing is still uncommon, although awareness of the need for this kind of research is increasing. In terms of communication, English is commonly spoken here, especially within the professional community. However, using a translator during a study is advisable, especially for accessing nuance in users' experience. It is very hot and very bright during most times of the year in the UAE, but it is quite comfortable in the winter months. The UAE is