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2.6.2 Panels > Integrated services - Pg. 36

36 Beyond the Usability Lab Panelist incentives Incentives can be paid out either by the organization sponsoring the study or, more commonly, by the panel company itself and be included in costs for the panel. n n n n Many panels are set up with point reward systems, where users' participa- tion will grant them an allotment of points to accumulate and spend on various rewards over time. In addition to point systems, panel companies sometimes also hold periodic sweepstakes for grand prizes as large as $10,000. Many will use individual incentives, such as rewards, gift certificates, or just cash. For more affluent user groups (e.g., doctors or high-level executives), panel companies will often facilitate donations to charities as the incentive. If using a panel company's incentive program but hosting elsewhere, there may be some technical coding work that needs to be done on your end in order to appropriately assign unique ID numbers to participants, as well as confirmation of their completed sessions, and pass that information back to the panel pro- vider so that they could confirm participation and provide incentives to users.