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Chapter 12 Scales of Experience > 12.3 Multiscale user experience design - Pg. 173

S C A L E S o F E x p E r I E n C E 173 the street, this rapidly increasing torrent of human activity, is registered as a field of enquiry or activity in most planning activity? Until and if municipal authorities change funding and permitting priorities, experiences are likely to take two modes: n Enormous, temporary spectacles. These are giant ubicomp experiences that are clearly presented as exciting events and use enormous, highly visible technologies. n Embedded technologies that invisibly (or near invisibly) change how people move through urban space. Examples include dynamic congestion pricing based on citywide traffic flow or demand-based parking pricing (Sevtsuk, 2006). Such experiences depend on reliable systems embedded into the fabric of the built environment in addition to (or instead of) mobile technology carried by individuals. 12.2.7 suPer-urban given existing technology, it is difficult (for me, anyway) to imagine technology experiences larger than the urban scale. The next larger order of magnitude after urban scale, 10 km, is on the order of natural phenomena such as cloud