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Preface > How This Book is Organized - Pg. ix

P r E f A c E ix underlying technologies are similar, the end results come from very different core assumptions and conditions. All these disciplines are filled with talented designers and technologists who create work that is relevant to everyday expe- rience design. Artists in particular regularly explore technologies further and pose deeper questions long before the other fields. There are also more references to the history of technology than in most technology design books. Although technology changes, many of the processes that produce it do not. In many ways, the venture capital funded technology development of Thomas Edison's electric lighting system in Menlo Park, New Jersey, is not that different from the venture capital funded development today in Menlo Park, california. Knowing the history of design and innovation pro- vides an important perspective--if only to know what to avoid. W H AT T H I S B O O K I S N O T Design books are tools that are picked up as needed, scanned, and then put down when billable work calls. Also, every design project is different, with an idiosyncratic set of constraints only understood by the design team. Thus, this book makes no attempt at describing a single unified process, a list