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Chapter 4: Remuneration > 7. Remove the Fear Factor by Providing Examples of Ho... - Pg. 68

68 Design to thrive: Creating Social networks and online Communities The technique of ranking is particularly useful on sites where people share audiovisual content, such as videos, music, or images. Video blogs or vlogs in particular are becoming increasingly popular as a means of providing users with social media interactions. However, because it's difficult to scan or preview a video in order to decide if the content is something you want to watch, giving users the ability to rank the content's usefulness is a valuable addition to a social media site. 7. ReMove the feaR faCtoR By pRoviDing exaMpleS of how to paRtiCipate As indicated previously, users often fail to post messages or provide content because they're afraid of looking foolish to other members of a community or network. They don't know the audience well enough to feel like they can con- struct their message in a way that will be well received. And there's probably good reason for that feeling. In September 2008, for example, CIO Magazine reported on a survey of 31,000 employers from that found that one in five employers use social networks in the hiring process; what's really