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Chapter 4: Remuneration > 9. Create a Regular Event - Pg. 71

Remuneration ChapteR 4 71 Unfortunately, however, if you don't have a strong, visible presence as an admin- istrator in the community and if members are not aware that policies and net- iquette practices are being vigorously enforced, they don't get the sense that you're providing a safe space for collaboration. The way I address this is to send out a formulaic message once every 60 days that describes: 1. Any disciplinary actions that have been taken in the community 2. Any new policy changes that have been made 3. Responses to any questions that members may have asked regarding policies 4. Reminders about policies that haven't been discussed and may have been forgotten by long-time members Of course, these messages don't use anyone's names, are anonymous, and I make every effort to make sure that nobody in the community is embarrassed by the messages. Part of the reason I wait 60 days is to make sure that enough time has passed that members don't feel like I'm singling someone out or deliberately calling attention to a thread or conversation that might embarrass some indi- vidual or group. Figure 4.14 is an example of a message I send to members of my communities' advisory councils. How to use advisory councils in your com-