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11. Put Novices With Novices > 11. Put Novices With Novices - Pg. 117

Influence Chapter 5 117 not necessarily sure what types of information members of the community are going to find more credible and more useful, you need to find ways to give them examples of profiles that they can emulate. In other words, don't victimize your "newbies" by the profile requirements. 10. Create a vIsItor's Center Visitors to your site have influence needs as we've already seen through the dis- cussion of Kim's five-stage life cycle model. Consequently, like Kim, I recom- mend that you create a visitor center Web site ([2], 120­128). The metaphor that I like to use in thinking about what kinds of information to put in the visi- tor's center is that of a national park. When you go to a national park that you've never visited previously, you probably don't know what attractions are available, the location of attractions in the park, what kind of wildlife to look for, or even where the boundaries of the park exist. You don't know what opportunities for interaction, education, and entertainment exist. You go to the visitor's center in order to get maps and to talk to one of the rangers (i.e., a leader in the commu- nity) and to say what you're interested in doing and to get some guidance, maps, and information. Communities and social networks are no different, and creat-