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Chapter 8: Technology Changes Rapidly; H... > The Power of Social Media to Effect ... - Pg. 200

200 Design to Thrive: Creating social networks and online Communities Ultimately, the chapter concludes with the observation that human mental bandwidth will be the scarce commodity of the future. Communities and networks of the future will need to market themselves based on their ability to help members make more creative and better-informed decisions rather than the size of their user base. The quality of user experience will replace quantity of connections as the measure of success, which will bring us full circle back to RIBS, as RIBS is intended to help designers produce positive social networking and community experiences for members. THe poweR of soCiaL meDia To effeCT CHange Any fundamental shift in the ways that human beings are able to share infor- mation has the potential for extraordinary sociopolitical impacts. And looking at the history of the Internet, we've certainly seen evidence to suggest that new social media are, as Jeff Jarvis puts it in What Would Google Do, "going to change everything" ([7], 27). Over 20 years ago now, even though the traditional news organizations were initially unable to report what was going on in Tiananmen