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Chapter 6 Extreme optimizations and eco-efficiencies - Pg. 157

6 Extreme optimizations and eco-efficiencies Key Points Playbooks provide a guide to assist the project team to organize and communicate. A building block is the organizational structure, technology solution, and oper- ating model that result from executing the playbook. As building blocks are put into place, they begin to interact with one another, creating the foundation of the NGDC. IT organizations are increasingly challenged these days just to keep the lights on. In addition, the business is looking to cut costs, maximize efficiencies, and reduce spending during these economically challenging times. The attention span that can be devoted to any particular project is very limited, so scope must be tightly controlled. To assist with these challenges, the use of standard- ized playbooks can be leveraged to provide a guide for consolidation, right- sizing, outsourcing, and vendor rationalization to meet the objectives of the business within very finite timeframes.