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3.3.2 Fragile Names from Overloading, an... > 3.3.2 Fragile Names from Overloading... - Pg. 139

3.3 War Stories: Pathologies in the Use of Names 139 3.3.1 a Name Collision eliminates Smiling Faces A west coast university provides a "visual class list" Web interface that instructors can use to obtain the names and photos of all the students enrolled in a particular section of a class. At the beginning of the fall 2004 teaching term, instructors noticed that their classes had several photographs of the same individual. One might believe a sec- tion includes a set of triplets, but not triskaidekatuplets. What went wrong: When there is no picture available for a student, the system inserts an image of a smiley face with the words "No picture available". The system designer stored the image in a file named "smiley.jpg". That fall a new freshman whose last name was Smiley registered the user name "smiley". As one might expect, the freshman's photograph was named "smiley.jpg", and it became the "No picture avail- able" image. 3.3.2 Fragile Names from Overloading, and a Market Solution Internet mailbox names such as can be viewed as two- component addresses. The component before the @-sign identifies a particular mail-