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Chapter 7 Conducting a usability test > Being an effective and unbiased moderat... - Pg. 207

Being an effective and unbiased moderator 207 using retrospective recall , in which you ask the participants to review the videotape after the test, or leave extra time for a semi-structured interview after the last task, working in questions you and your observers have noted while observing. In most cases, especially when testing is for diagnostic or exploratory purposes, thinking out loud provides a rich source of information about the user's perceptions of the product's usability. And, as the most recent study by Olmsted-Hawala and colleagues indicates, the participants who were thinking out loud with active involvement by the moderator were more satisfied with the experience than when the moderator did not interact with them and they worked in silence. See Chapter 6 for more information on retrospective recall. For more tips and strategies for interacting with participants, see the "Methods for successful `thinking out loud' procedures" sidebar later in this chapter. Being an effective and unbiased