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CHAPTER 11. Analysis and Interpretation ... > Writing the Evaluation Report - Pg. 339

Analysis and Interpretation of User Observation CHAPTER 11 339 WRITING THE EVALUATION REPORT Generally, you need to write up what you have done in an evaluation: To act as a record of what you did To communicate the findings to other stakeholders The style and contents of the report depend very much on who you are writing for and why. EDITOR'S NOTE: TIMELINESS CAN CAUSE TROUBLE: WHEN OBSERVATIONS BECOME "THE REPORT" Be cautious about releasing preliminary results, including e-mails about the evaluation, that observers send to their teams after seeing a few sessions. By chance, observers might see sessions that are not representative of the overall results. Development schedules have been shrinking over the last decade and there is often pressure to "get the data out quickly." In some cases, developers watch think-aloud sessions, discuss major problems at the end of the day and makes changes to the product (in the absence of any formal report) that sometimes appear in code even before