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Human-Error-Tolerant Design > Example: Error Recovery - Pg. 71

User Needs Analysis CHAPTER 2 71 database queries for the Web-application program- mers, only one query is made per page. However, this type of technology-driven design is often incon- venient for the end user. HUMAN-ERROR-TOLERANT DESIGN (a) Designing systems that are tolerant of human error becomes crucial when any task has potentially dan- gerous and costly consequences, or when the out- come is not easily reversible. Financial and medical Web applications are prime examples of sites where (b) reducing the human error is especially important. A FIGURE 2.8 central theme in designing for human error is to build a multilayered defense. Example of an Designing for human error effectively requires addressing several aspects of error inefficient task. management, including the following: Prevention: Eliminate the potential for error to occur by changing key features of the task or interface. This is always the preferred and the most (a) The Schedule page shows the published schedules for each