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Chapter 1 Arc AutoCAD Fundamentals ­ Part I Keyboard: Type in arc and press Enter Cascading menus: Draw Arc 3 Points Toolbar icon: Draw toolbar Ribbon: Home tab Arc Step 1 Begin the arc command via any of the above methods. Step 2 · AutoCAD will say: Specify start point of arc or [Center]: Take the mouse and left-click anywhere on the screen. This is the first of three points necessary for the arc. Step 3 · AutoCAD will say: Specify second point of arc or [Center/End]: Click again somewhere else on the screen to place the second point. Step 4 · Finally AutoCAD will say: Specify end point of arc: Left-click a third and final time somewhere else on the screen to finish the arc. Practice this sequence several more times to fully understand the way AutoCAD places the arc. Your screen should look something like Figure 1.18. Figure 1.18 ­ Arcs drawn 18 | P a g e