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Index - Pg. 575

Index Page numbers followed by n indicates a footnote. 1-D continuous time windows, 154­156 1-D Fourier transform, 21 rectangular pulse function, 16 1-D Kalman filter, 270 equations, 272­273 LMMSE estimator, 271 observation equation, 270 signal state equation, 271 system matrix, 271 See also 2-D Kalman filter 2-D ARMA model, 406 2-D discrete-space Fourier transform. See 2-D Fourier transform 2-D discrete-space systems, 9 linear system, 10 shift invariance, 10 simple systems, 9­10 2-D filter stability, 92 first quadrant support, 94, 96 fourth quadrant support, 96, 97 LSI system, 92­93 NSHP, 100­102 Z-transform comparison, 91­92 See also 1-D Fourier transform; Continuous-space Fourier transform 2-D FT. See 2-D Fourier transform 2-D innovations sequence, 268 2-D Kalman filter, 274 error-covariance equations, 275 gain array, 275 global state vector, 274 scalar filtering equations, 275 See also 1-D Kalman filter 2-D random field. See Two-dimensional random field 2-D raster manner, 507 2-D rectangular sinc function 2-D recursive filter design, 168 error criteria, 169­170 Prony example, 173 space-domain design, 170­173 See also Fully recursive filter design (FRF design) 2-D signal. See Two-dimensional signal 2-D systems