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Chapter 3. Managing People > Maslow in the Security Environment - Pg. 39

Chapter 3·ManagingPeople 39 Self-Esteem Competence and prestige wrapped in self-esteem come next. These needs are satisfied through personal achievement, independence, status, and recognition and are similar to love needs because both are social in orientation. Self-Fulfillment The fifth order of needs is self-fulfillment or self-actualization. At this level, the individual self-expresses through the exercise of personal capabilities. Satisfaction is derived through the development of one's own potential and the expression of creative urge. Curiosity The highest and most abstract in Maslow's order of needs is curiosity. At this level, the individual is highly curious and strives to satisfy a thirst for understanding. The indi- vidual, for example, may find satisfaction delving into the mysteries of religion, life, or the origins of the universe. Key Tenets